FCPAA, an international association focused on expansion.....
                The Future is here...With a combined membership nearing 2,600 members.in 4 countries...

Florida CPA

The Florida Chiropractic Physician Association was the first daughter association of the FCPAA.

The FCPA has nearly 1,000 members now and is focused on the expansion of the rights of all DC's in Forida and the US.

To join the FCPA please visit their web site at www.myfcpa.org.  Membership is free for all non-Florida residents and free for all Florida DC's for the first year and then membership is only $99.

Come and join and help the fight for more rights as a physician.

Dr. Clifton Bethel, DC President - pres.fcpa@gmail.com
Dr. Roderic Lacy,   CEO