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First  Chiropractic Physician  Association of America, Inc..
With nearly every state having a CPA Association now, we are covering most  of the United States and 4 Countries.  We are one of the largest and the fastest growing chiropractic association in the world, united toward expansion of your rights.

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Contact us at, call us at 407 409 7291

Reaching DC's From the East to the West.

Our Presidents:

Dr. Charles Pershing
Alaska, Dr. Bill Mcafee  

Arizona, Dr. Dan Rae 
Arkansas, Dr.William Schmidt 
California, Dr. Ken Martin 
Canada, Dr. Dave Stannard
Colorado, Dr. David McCain

Delaware, Dr. Scott Schreiber 

Dubai, Dr. Aleta Bezzic
Florida, Dr. Lawrence Ross 

Georgia, Dr. Ryan Brynes 
Hawaii, Dr. Richard Molina 

CPA of New England, Dr.John Hayes

Rhode Island
Maryland, Dr Edwin Lipsitz
Minnesota, Dr. Jason Strandberg
Missouri,  Dr. Stephen Herbst
New York, Dr. Madeline Hildreth
New Jersey, Dr. Joel Schwartz

North Carolina, Dr. Scott Saario
Nevada, Dr. Deloy Blanchard 
Ohio,  Dr. Richard Dustman 
Oregon, Dr.
 Ryan Bellacov 
Pennsylvania, Dr. Dan  Reyes
Puerto RicoDr.Ramon McCormick 
South Carolina, Dr. Robert Kay 
Texas, Dr. Kam Friedrichs 
United Kingdom, Dr.  Mike Boles

Virginia, Dr. Owen Powers
Washington, Dr. Mathew Jensen


Board of Directors:

Roderic A. Lacy, MD DC

Lawrence Ross, DC
Mark Marien, DC
Luz Maria Ortiz CPA
Ron Cohn, MD DC
Joel Manion, DC
David Gaussion, DC
Joseph Johnston, DC
Scott Wittmer, DC
Lyn Jones, RN DC

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FCPAA, an international association focused on expansion.....
                The Future is here...With a combined membership nearing 3,000 4 countries...

Mission Statement

The FCPAA is  Fighting to Integrate chiropractic physicians into the healthcare system as specialists and primary care providers with full prescriptive rights.

As an international association, we invite members fom every state to join at no charge. 

Please become a member today and  join us in our fight for your expanded rights.  The FCPAA is the frontrunner in fighting for your expanded rights. 
We now
 have  individual state/country associations under the umbrella of the FCPAA (International) in most all states of the USA and in 4 countries.

These state/country associations are all united under the FCPAA to help spread the word that it is time to expand your rights as a physician.

If you would like join the FCPAA or any of our daughter associations, please click the
"member registration" tab and fill out the form.  Be sure to make a note, noting which association you are joining or you can go directly to the association you want to join by clicking the tab on the left of any one particular association.

To start a daughter association in your state please contact us at

The FCPAA is not in competition with the ACA.  We are helping the ACA indirectly.  While the ACA is busy tweaking the challenges with CCE and Medicare, the FCPAA is and will be helping individual states/countries with their challenges of expansion.

I do not need to tell you of the progress other professions are making towards their expansion of their rights.  Even physical therapists are now introducing legislation
toward prescriptive authority. 

If we miss the boat now we may be left behind and lose the opportunity we now have to help solve the problem of the shortage of primary  health care providers.  

Please join us today in the fight to expand your rigths.....It's FREE and we need you to help if we are going to win this war.

Roderic Lacy, MD DC   CEO